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Need to get some warmth

topshop dark socks 1 topshop dark socksUrban Outfiters cape
Topshop socks
Sandro boots

Lately, London weather was colder than ever, even Christmas time was better. Anyhow, I cant do nothing but crave to turn for summer wardrobe. Yet, at this time, we need to turn on imagination then it comes to layering which – by the way- is a fashionistas dream, getting creative with light and chunky pieces, can it get any better. Whats why I’m pilling on over the knee socks to match it with skirts and dresses, for this case there is no better place than Topshop.


IMG_1680 IMG_1685 IMG_1697 IMG_1700Filipe Sousa lace-up leather shoes
Yoins Collection drawstring bag

Second week of October brought cold winds so I was in a rush to fill my wardrobe with all the new stuff. Of course, everything in warm dark tones to blend in with falling leaves. Sometimes, I pick so carefully but end up getting something wrong anyway. Yet, not this time, as I am beyond exited to take my Filipe Souse flatforms not to forget about the bag for a walk in the streets of Autumn.

Parka time

simons parka

  Last month of summer is at full speed to meet September. I can’t even write about the autumn, it brings some weird grin to my face. Anyhow, the only way to cheer up is finding new wardrobe pieces. One of my staples, I think first before we fall-for-fall is its majesty Parka. After, my desperate inspection I’ve already found two minimal (with is, from time to time, synonymous to perfect) ones at These are actually made by Twik- new brand one the radar!- and I am pretty sure it’s the same model in different colors. Dark one would fit with statement pieces, but green one would be such a wicked basic with some Chelsea boots and tote bag. Ah, decisions!

How come we never met, satchel bag?

satchel bag IMG_6483 IMG_6485Anna Smith satchel bag
  So much needed bag update is already in my closet. I have a few of them to show you, but this time it’s all about this satchel bag. I can’t understand how could I live without this thing, its a perfect spice for my black and white minimal clothing and, the most importantly, I can carry my camera safely and classy.
Feels so good to find something so practical, yet, I am still afraid of those neon ones. 

New parts

nude flats  Last week i received my postman bringing me my so waited parcels with basics and ‘serious stuff’ I ordered. Beginning with LAILA Ballet Flats for those days then you have to keep it comfortable and easy. I felt it’s time to reunite with classics again, it will be a nice challenge to match it with unexpected upper parts. black basic bra  One of the best basic finds lately-  Boudoir Basic Triangle Bra. Great piece to wear with almost-see trough oversized shirt.asos tall  I know such a huge amount of online shops but ASOS still knows how to do it. I wanted to buy something from Asos Tall, clothing line for tall ladys (finally it’s not all about petite ones only). To give it a try I bought basic Longline V Neck Cami Top. Such a nice fit, I’m so going to buy from this line all things possible.silver minimal necklace  Calm and secure choice for every day- silver piece by Sophie Deschamps bijoux from LiliShopping. So minimal and I am sure you can never go wrong with this type of necklace.
minimal necklaces  And for the finals, some splash of gold from Infinitine. Conscious reflection of my love for stars-full skies and sea spirit, summed up in a shape compass- wanderlust symbol. 

Party wear on a budget

asda clothing georgeBeaded Cami Top
Maxi skirt
Beaded skirt
Skater dress

Etched Disc Necklace
Statement Fringe necklace

Metallic Pointed Toe Stilettos
Ankle Strap Block Heels

  My life is pretty casual and I rarely need party clothing, yet, my mind wants them all the time. Luckily, my cousin is getting married in a few weeks, so I finally have a real excuse to buy something nice. I have some travel plans on my mind, so I decided to get something really affordable.
As my mom wanted to get us George dresses for those laid back looks as you good grocery shopping, I was pleasantly surprised that I found such nice pieces in George. Plus, so cheap- any of these are no more than £14. Which is important not only to save money, but also releases from the guilt which accompanies my expensive buys most of the time.
Weeding will be held on the beach so I picked these bohemian, loose pieces, staying loyal to black but adding tasty sparkle.
Anyway, the only thing I can’t decide is: to match beaded top with maxi skirt or with beaded skirt? M?