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IMG_1740 IMG_1743 IMG_1746 IMG_1747MUUBBA leather jacket
HYBRID clothing burgundy shirt
YOINS collection bag
KELYA shoes lace-ups

My love, for basic rock-chic-stuff is back so naturally- I am pleased. My eyes can only see the black and crave for no other than goods from All Saints or grab the best of boho inspired sheer Hybrid blouse. Whats not to love about showing off some skin while entering the darkness of December? Especially when you find the most awesome coffee places to warm up in Bermondsey area.

Comfort zone

_MG_8307Bershka sweater/ Din Sko heels/ Zara hat

One of those things I couldn’t figure out how should I wear is this sweater or baseball jacket, however you’ll call it. It looks kind of nice itself but was a strong “street wise” vibrations. I tried most possible ways but still not find it very comforting. And wearing it makes me stepy out of my comfort zone majorly. Weird, since it’s not some arrogant edgy piece of cloth.   

Nailed it

metalic nails metal nails chanelmetalic nails nail tips chanel silver nails

Metallic silver nail wraps was a deal of 2012 for me. Looks damn gorgeous, so as I received a few questions about these, so I’m telling all I know. Cheapest way is to hit Ebaywrite “silver nail tips” etc and just order. Plus, you’ll need a special glue, also clear nail polish. It would be mission impossible for me to do it, so I asked a specialist. I can assure you that no nail polish will replace wraps.